The concept of inspiration is often misunderstands by some people to equally mean motivation, but No! motivation is entirely different from inspiration. Most individuals actually needs inspiration but don’t seem to get it and that’s the purpose of this write up, motivation is needed in every aspect of our individual endeavors. For those seeking for motivation is not going to hit you like a lightening, you have to possess an inner purpose and motive because motivation is like a pulling force that pulls you to perform a particular task.


The topic motivation would be discussed in details in my next write up; for the purpose of this write up we are going to deal with inspiration.  Inspiration is more of a gradual process, for instance: When you listen to an inspirational speaker and you are inspired by the words of this speaker. You listen to a song and the song inspired you, puts this bringing desire in you to something.

You are inspired by your mentor, your teacher, mum, siblings etc inspiration, comes from different sources and it is a driving force inspiration is an internal force that drives you to take actions and decisions in life. We humans at any point in our life come across demeaning situations that makes us thinking aloud and the feeling of being dejected sets in, but I bet you what you need to do is hamper for that internal driving force to move on, that is when motivation comes in.

As a speaker am extremely joyous when providing that propelling force to any audience, this force will inspire you to move on respective of whatever seem to be an obstacle to you. Inspiration is needed at all times in our lives to conquer and establish a very stronghold around our dreams to makes our dreams a reality. We need inspiration in virtually all area of our lives.

  • Academics

  • Marriage

  • Creativity

  • Mistakes and moving forward

1. Inspiration and Academics

“Learning is an experience” Robin Evans Inspiration is needed in every aspect of academics but the question of asked by students becomes; How do I acquire the inspiration to be the best in my academic life.

  1. I need inspiration to read and understand.

  2. I need inspiration to be an excellent students

  3. I need inspiration to write and pass my exams.

Being a student taught me more on this aspect of inspiration. A times in school you feel like dropping out of school for one reason or the other. It could be the feeling of being a failure in one particular course of study or the other. Being with students you get to have a lot of questions? I’d probably feel bad if I fail to answer this question. The simple thing is knowing the purpose for which you became a student, the purpose for which you are accountable for, search and study yourself and find that motivation within yourself by trusting yourself and thinking positively about yourself. Do not allow any negative thoughts to role your mind rather give that crown to positivity. Always think of making yourself a proud student and being a mentor to someone when altast. You end up telling your story to an audience. Defines your purpose and work towards it.

2. Inspiration and Marriages

As a Christian I believe that marriage is an institution given to us by God. Hence every approach towards marital life should be sacred and positive. Whenever obstacles are abound in your marriages you need to look at some inspirational quote that will help you have a stronghold when everything seems to be falling apart. As well as giving you the inspiration you need. Remember “many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understand that they are on the same side-Zig Ziglar”  praying for your marriage is never a time wasted. The inspiration in your marriage comes from God, look up to him to direct you on how to deal with some issues, although some atheist will want to dispute this fact but I strongly believe God has a part and role to play in every marriage.

3. Inspiration and Creativity

A list of individuals you come across on daily basis are people who are born with the ability to think and create a very specific and fantastic ideas. We have people who are creative in arts work, designing, electrical work, mechanical work etc. But atimes you find out these individual end up not doing great in their  various fields reason being that the lacked the inspiration to move forwards.

  • What burns within you?

  • Do you want to write a book?

begin by putting some thoughts down on paper. Are you trying to master a skill that takes time energy and money?. Are you thinking of going into business or ministry step out and do it. Your heavenly father is creative and you are just like him that’s why you secretly yearn to do certain things. He put those desires within you. –  Bob Gass.

4. Inspirations in Accepting Your Mistakes and Moving Forward

How big is your mistake quota?

How often do you consider your self a failure because of mistakes of the past. Are you finding it difficult to move on due to some mistakes of the past? I as a person have been in a similar situation but I found the inspiration I need by myself so today  all I want to  tell you my reader crying over your mistakes in life, You are not a failure; you just failed at doing sometime they are just different from each other. Dry your tears and inspire yourself then distance yourself from these mistake and move on with your life. These mistakes will only draw you backwards and at the end you fail equally. As you read this write up, I encourage you to see this mistakes of the past as experience which constitutes part of your learning process and strive never to allow yourself make such mistakes ever again.

Sources of Inspiration

There are many sources through which our can acquire inspirations.  These sources presents a medium through a lot of individual drew the zeal to move on with life or to do something new. The sources includes:

  • God

  • Books

  • Mentors

  • Environment

GOD:  Although this article is not practically spiritual but I will like to point out the fact that a lot of people seeing to acquire their inspiration from the Supreme Being. A lot of people lookup to God in their difficult time or when they about to embark on something new in their life, they look up to God for this inspiration to perform such task. If you find yourself in a very difficult situation, as a believer look up to God and get inspired for real.

BOOKS: This is one of the most important means through which we are inspired. Some people are inspired by the holy book (Bible) while a lot depend on other inspirational books to overcome their challenges and excel.

Reading inspirational books will not only inspire you but they will motivate you to out, they will motivate you to wake up from slumber and do something, in short they will awake your spirit.

MENTORS: A mentor is a person who you look up to, admire and will definitely do your best to acquit your characters with theirs. In life a lot of us have people we look up to. These mentors? could be your teachers, religious  leaders a person your came across and became influenced  by their positive attitudes having a mentor could be the best thing that will happen to you and your life could depend on it as well. So if you are on thus platform today devoid of a mentor I encourage you to go get a mentor today and look up to them to get inspired by them to enable  you to brace up and face your responsibilities


ENVIRONMENT: A lot of people have derived their inspiration from the environment they find themselves in, a lot have been inspired  positively when they found themselves in an environment bestowed with positivity and optimism try always to identify with a good and healthy environment devoid of all forms of negativities. In conclusion, inspiration like I said earlier comes from within; on this platform today if there is anyone facing any challenge or difficulty in performing a task ahead I encourage you to look inwards, within yourself, there is always that part of your being telling you that you can do it employ that part of your mind and work wit it. That’s where your inspiration will definitely come from; do not ever leave yourself at the mercy of those who have settled for less,

  • You are a great achiever.

  • You are created to be unique

Nobody is better than you except yourself. Feel your mind with these words and you will marvel at the rate your inspiration comes.